Stoco's Inventory management specifies the shape and placement of stocked goods.

Benefits of Stoco Inventory Management Software

  • Stoco’s Inventory Management software accurately tracks, incoming and outgoing levels of inventory, Know what sells and what does not, practically never reaches low-stock, over-stock, no-stock situations. We provide smart purchasing decisions using real-time insights.
  • Stoco helps View, manage your inventory across sales channels, drop-shippers, warehouses, and FBA distribution centers from a single-view and unified platform.
  • Stoco helps your inventory move faster off the shelves by eliminating any little scope of spoilage. Just-in-time stock management helps you to determine the right stock and track stock across the supply chain
  • Stoco Saves time, the effort, needed to manage inventory manually, with collaborative and automated software, avoid unnecessary back-and-forth run and tracking errors, and have inventory data regularly updated on your devices